Virtual Infra Backup

Backup That's Fast, Scalable & Affordable - A Backup Architecture Purpose-built for Virtualization

Tech9labs in association with PHD Virtual delivers the highest performance and most scalable cross-platform backup solutions on the market. The award winning PHD VBA™ (Virtual Backup Appliance) Architecture delivers data protection that is simpler to deploy, more scalable and more affordable than competing products. The PHD VBA™ leverages virtualization to backup the virtual environment, removing the need to manage separate physical servers, additional software or agents that make other solutions slower, more costly and more complex.

Virtual Infra Backup

A Completely Integrated Virtual Backup Appliance - PHD Virtual Backup provides better performance and scalability in an integrated virtual appliance solution that is more cost-effective. The solution includes:

  • Faster Backup with Granular Recovery Options.
  • Built-in Source Side Data Deduplication.
  • Integrated Data Integrity Verification.
  • Management Integration with vSphere client and XenCenter.
  • A Completely Virtual Solution Footprint

From 0 to High Performance Backup in 5 Minutes or Less - Deploying PHD Virtual Backup is incredibly quick and easy. Since it is delivered as an integrated virtual appliance, you don't have to deploy, setup and configure servers, operating systems or additional software before you can use it. In fact you can get it up and running in 5 minutes or less with a few easy steps.

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