Architect and deploy the efficient storage solution

Within the Storage and Virtualization Practice our focus is on Data Consolidation & Virtualization, Data replication to ensure BCP and DR, Backup Strategy, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage-Area Networks (SANs), Application performance (random and sequential throughputs), efficient technologies within storage to condense the data to its upmost without impacting the performance.

Storage Solutions is of upmost critical element in any datacenter today as the devices are not just capacity holders but much beyond. It translates the application and infrastructure architecture, decides the framework and data management strategies.

Our experts know what questions to ask in order to understand your storage requirements and business goals. We look at sizing based on the applications, servers, network, capacity needs, performance, efficiency, data flow within & out of system, disk options, tiering for optimal usage and performance, and security in order to help you develop a solution that best meets your business agility and management.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructural Solution

Our Services towards Storage Practice includes

  • Storage area network (Fibre Channel/ISCSI/FCoE) design and deployment
  • Network attached storage design and deployment
  • Storage assessments
  • Storage consolidation strategies
  • Storage virtualization
  • Optimized LUN and volume layout
  • Data Tiering strategy
  • RAID and high availability strategy
  • Snapshot & cloning strategy
  • Replication/disaster recovery strategy
  • Backup strategy (D2D, D2T, D2D2T)
  • Archival strategy (Tier level movement)
  • Thin provisioning strategy
  • Security strategy
  • Application aware management storage strategies and integration
  • Storage management strategies

Our technical partners facilitating the storage solutions are IBM, NetApp, EMC2, Fujitsu, Starwind and PHD Virtual.