Remote Data Backup & Recovery

You never realize how important data backups are till the time you lose it and you have no choice of recovering it back!

Research shows that almost 60% of an organization's mission-critical data lies not in the servers and databases, which are addressed by Disaster Recovery Plans, but on end-user PCs and laptops. Make sure your data backup strategy covers all the bases, because if it doesn't, you're headed for disaster.

Now that you are convinced that data back-ups are an essential element of keeping your sanity, you're probably thinking of going the on-premise traditional way of backups either on disks or tapes. That means you'll need to prepare in selecting backup solution, procure hardware infrastructure and hire people just to do all the backups and retrievals. All this means burning a big hole in your budget, and a new set of hassles in return. And you're still not completely secure as you're data is not backed up at a remote location.

So what's the solution? How about backing up the data electronically, online at some remote location providing you an end-to-end protection under various security parameters? Sounds interesting, isn't it?

Quick Facts

  • Cost effective – Eliminate costs incurred to maintain in-house data storage hardware, including tapes, operational staff and floor space through online backups.
  • Reduced Effort – Eliminate manual effort made in recording, maintenance, recovery and rebuilding of data in case of disasters
  • Zero Errors – Eliminate missed recordings and erroneous inputs through automated data back ups
  • Zero Data Loss – Eliminate loss of data caused by tape failures
  • Streamline Staffing – Refocus human capital otherwise employed towards data backup and storage
  • Instant Recovery, Anytime! – Save on time and effort taken to recover data manually post disaster
  • Improved Confidentiality – Eliminate risk of data being extracted from tapes by ambiguous third parties
  • Single Point Storage – Eliminate the need for separate data backup process for different geographical locations by storing all your data at a single online source