Managed Services

Like it or not, as your business grows, you need the right IT infrastructure and resources to help you take your business to the next level. Applications, Servers, Storage, Security and Networking – these are some of the investments you’re either making already or will soon be managing and virtue of these, you need the tools and personnel to manage these infrastructure 24*7.

As soon as you think you’ve got the hang of your setup, technology changes and you may have all business and commercial reason to upgrade. You find need for more storage capacity due to data growth projected; your servers’ starts screaming under peak loads; your IT administrator gets a better paying Job and you find you’ve been spending more time battling your IT demons than with your customers.

Do you seriously think that the conventional method of running your IT infrastructure is a better way to be dynamic and win in today’s highly competitive environment? It’s definitely not!

There is better, smarter way to grow! Get a partner who can free you from the pain of setting up and managing your mission critical IT infrastructure. Someone who you can trust is flexible and has the expertise to support your needs today and in the future.

Comprehensive Suite of Services:

Co-location - Having your own Servers and Storage but looking for the reliability and security you can only expect in hosting services?

Dedicated Hosting - Host mission critical and resource-intensive applications n preconfigured, high performance dedicated servers and storage to make critical business data and application available for access within the shortest time possible and least downtime.

Disaster Recovery Services - Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) empower you to respond to your disastrous situations in a systematic manner and restore the integrity of your hardware, software and data, thereby enabling shortest turn-around time t get your IT infrastructure up and running.

Managed Hosting Services - Complete end-to-end management of your mission- critical IT environment. This includes provision and service of hardware, data backup, data recovery, complete security and fully managing the operating system (OS), web, database (DB) and application infrastructure.

Backup and Storage -Tech9labs involves in providing your advanced, dependable and comprehensive range of data backup and storage solutions to protect your data. This offering includes

  • Shared SAN Services
  • Automated and Electronic data backup service
  • Dedicated Tape based Backup service

Tech9labs partners with market leaders having datacenters as per standards and managed hosting services with world class facilities, industry leading SLAs and expert team to provide you end-to-end infrastructural services and ensure to meet your requirements.