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Headquartered in New Delhi, Tech9labs is a customer-driven and rapidly growing organization that offers an innovative portfolio of IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services. Focused on providing high-touch customer service, we strives persistently for excellence and delivering maximum business value to its customers through its offerings.

Owning to our profound process compliances, we, at Tech9labs, are proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Through a single point of accountability, we offers end-to-end, enterprise-class IT solutions for all your needs and helps you leverage accessibility, responsiveness and flexibility - the critical components of a successful business.

From conception to completion, we unifies the client’s IT infrastructure, protects it and maximizes their business’ performance. Tech9labs allow enterprises to manage business assets effectively, also forecast future roadmap in relation to their business growth. Tech9labs team works closely with the clients by mapping competitive landscape and delivering customized solutions that promise to deliver immediate RoI.


Armed with a comprehensive education in management and with experience spanning across more than 14 years working with leading IT Companies, Amit is the quintessential IT consultant for infrastructural solutions.

Having started his career in Information Technology in 1997, Amit continued honing his skills while working up the ladder and joined IBM India in 2004. His passion towards technology gave him the opportunity to personally handle various positions within IBM India, including Sales, Presales, Platform and Business Leadership profiles for Enterprise Infrastructural Solutions. Additionally, his involvement as an International Instructor and Trainer within IBM had provided him deep insights into International Markets and advanced IT Solutions.

Amit founded Tech9labs in April 2011, with the intention to build the most respected, recognized and fast-growing System Integration and Services Company.

Under Amit's vision, Tech9labs has grown to define, design and deliver technology-enabled business solutions that help provide efficient & cost-effective solutions to complex information management requirements; through innovative application of next-gen technology.

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Our 5-Stepped Approach to Your Solutions

Company Info
  • Step 1: Understand your business environment & requirements.
  • Step 2: Evaluate your challenges & pain areas.
  • Step 3: Plan and design solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Step 4: Partnering with your & implementing the solutions with ease.
  • Step 5: Manage & support your IT Infrastructure as per defined SLAs.

Understand your business requirements: The first initializing step of our association with you is to understand your business environment and requirement. We extract IT infrastructure details and examine the hardware and software within your premises.

Evaluate concern / pain areas: The second step is to adoptconsultative approach for a clear understanding of your business strategies, challenges and needs.

Plans and designs solutions: The third step but most important aspect of our expertise is to plan and design the optimal vendor independent solution for your specific requirements. This phase of our involvement clearly distinguishes our expertise & experience. The clear focus while planning and designing the optimal solution is to derive maximum ROI and meet SLAs.

Proposes solutions: Our expertise and experience of designing complex solution are well articulated in the simplest fashion and our strategic alliances further ensures the right product mix with concrete commercials.

Provides implementation:Tech9labs partners with you to schedule, prepare and deploy solutions with ease.

Manages and supports:Tech9labs team removes the burden from your staff, improves productivity and optimizes system performance by managing your infrastructure as per defined SLAs.